Weight is the measurement of mass in the human body. This measurement is expressed in terms of kilograms or pounds. Weight is one of the first visual impressions one person makes on another. This visual impact influences judgment and creates an aesthetic appeal value. In other words, many people, regardless of what type of person they are, judge a person on how they look, and part of that look is how much a person weighs.

Weight gain and weight control are a primary concern for most people in the United States. Issues having to do with eating or glandular disorders such as obesity and a cultural obsession with being thin have created weight issues for men and women of all ages. Many persons think the ideal weight is thin. In reality, the ideal weight can be computed based on height and weight ratios, and by visiting a doctor to discuss weight and nutrition guidelines.

For those who are over weight, healthy weight loss is frequently overruled by quick weight loss. The desire to be thin compels a person to forego nutrition and go for the quick fix. This desire to lose weight causes a person to choose fast methods of losing weight. These methods are not permanent, and may also result in gaining back all the weight lost plus extra due to natural function of the body to store energy. Weight control starts with an accurate sense of expectations, a close look at actual body type, a check of what may be potential problems with aspects of a person's health contributing to weight gain, proper nutrition advice and a proper, well advised weight management system. Weight loss centers and the weight control services they provide are good methods of support for those who have a desire to lose weight, or for those who have lost weight and need support to prevent them from gaining weight again.

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