Mealtime and Television

People these days LOVE their television. So much so that most people nowadays find themselves taking their dinner in front of the television. However, this seemingly harmless act of relaxation (and multi-tasking) could be sabotaging your diet.

By focusing on something else other than your food, you create a higher chance of overeating. You see, when you're seated at a dinner table, focusing on every bite you put in your mouth, and doing nothing else, you're aware of what food you're taking in, how much of it you're eating, and you're more aware of your body telling you it's starting to get full. Being absorbed in a television show quiets these normal signals. Also, many people are subconsciously tempted to eat for the full duration of a show. This mean many people are eating well beyond what they normally would because they're completely unaware of the fact that they're synchronizing their meal with their beloved sitcom!

To avoid this, bring back the old tradition of eating your meal at the dinner table. Not only will this be better for your diet and nutrition, but you may find you enjoy spending the quality time with your family and actually like the act of conversing about your day!

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