FAQ: Nutrition and Dieting

Is exercise really that important when dieting?

Yes, it absolutely is. Dieting is the attempt made by a person to lose weight by cutting calories and burning excess body fat. Exercise not only facilitates excellent physical health by working out cardio, lungs, and blood systems, it also burns the calories that have been stored as fat in the body, thereby reducing the amount of fat the body possesses.

How do I know when a diet is safe?

A diet that takes into consideration nutritional values and all the primary food groups is generally a safe diet. If food groups are excluded and never reintegrated back into a person's diet, that diet is most likely not the safest choice. Healthy diets include all food groups without excluding any. In order to burn calories and reduce body fat, less calories must be consumed and energy used, preferably in the form of exercise.

Are there many obese people in the United States?

Yes. It is estimated that there are more than 58 million persons that fit the criteria for obesity in the United States.

Are there organized weight loss programs that can help a person lose weight?

Yes. There are qualified support groups, such as Weight Watchers, that may help a person lose weight. Consulting a doctor or a nutritionist will also help. A doctor can assess a person's physical condition and help with an exercise plan, and a nutritionist may help a person regulate their diet and figure out how many calories per day they should be eating.

I am interested in learning more about nutrition and am thinking about a career in this field. Are there many job opportunities available?

Yes. There are many job opportunities in the health and nutrition fields. With the population always increasing and the need for nutrition always present, there is a good job market for nutritionists and dieticians.

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