E- Diet

eDiets online are an internet web site with information about dieting. An individual may customize their diet plan according to what they find on the eDiet site. Plans vary in technique and philosophy, so that potential dieters or persons unhappy with their current diet plan may peruse eDiets and find the information they need.

eDiets provides not only diet information, but suggests fitness plans, have recipe packages that include approximately 6,000 recipes, personal nutrition information, family oriented eating suggestions, expert testimony and stories from persons who have successfully used eDiet. Individuals can determine their BMI and check to see where they are on the weight loss continuum.

eDiet provides a community of dieters that testify to their success with eDiets. For a subscription fee dieters have access to peer forums and expert advice any time they need it for approximately $5.00 week.

eDiets offers other low cost benefits including magazine subscriptions that dieters may find helpful, as well as popular fitness programs that have been proven effective, as well as offers from professional chefs on weight loss tips and prepared meals delivered to a dieter's home.

Before considering any method of diet or exercise it is extremely important for individuals to consult with a doctor. Please consult with your doctor before attempting any form of exercise or diet plan.

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