Low Fat Cheeses?

You probably already know that cheese is virtually diet suicide. Many fad diets involve cutting out dairy altogether based on it's high fat and calorie content. However, dairy is a necessary pat of our diet. Dairy is full of calcium, which builds strong bones, an especially important dietary contribution for women. So cutting out cheese isn't just HARD - it's not good!

Recently, every cheese seems to come in a low-fat variety to help people come to terms with including dairy in their diets without ruining their weight loss plan. But, are these cheese really good? The answer is YES! Many of the low-fat cheeses and cheese made with skim-milk are not just good....they're delicious! And many people cannot even tell the difference. Substituting low fat cheese like part-skim ricotta and low-fat mozzarella in a meal like a homemade lasagna will save dozens, if not hundreds of calories!

Many nutritionists and dieticians, however, will recommend staying away from fat-free cheeses. The inherent nature of dairy has fat in it, so non-fat cheeses are a different substance altogether. Often, it does not taste the same, so it's not satisfying any craving. Plus, it's difficulty to cook with, so any dish requiring melted cheese will just not be the same. All in all, eat your dairy as you should be eating everything else - in moderation, and always paired with a delicious fresh vegetable!

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