Cooking Healthier with Variety!

As food becomes a top hobby of many people, cooking is the new dining out! Whether it's a fancy dinner party, a few appetizers with some board games, or dinner with the family, cooking is a must-know for every modern woman and man. But the fattening homestyle cooking of yesterday is only for Sundays now. Cooking healthy is the way to go, and knowing how to cook healthy and delicious meals is going to score major points across the board.

Rule number one is VARIETY VARIETY VARIETY. Every meal should have a variety of proteins, whole grain carbohydrates, and vegetables. Every meal should have a variety of textures, colors, temperatures, and overall food experiences. The more variety, the better the meal.

A great way to get a plethora of different foods on one plate is to incorporate a lot of vegetables. They come in a all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Peppers alone come in virtually every color of the rainbow. Just serving a delectable piece of fish with all the different pepper varieties on a grill will make a delicious and beautiful meal.

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