Burn it on the Links

One of the best ways to burn some calories is also one of America's most treasured hobbies: golf! Millions and millions of people take to the links every weekend to hit a few balls, but who knew it could actually be your Saturday morning workout as well?

First, walk. Renting a cart might be part of your normal routine, but walking will burn hundreds of more calories, and carrying your bag will add to the calorie burn, and tone your back, legs and arms. Swinging the club also tones your back and arms as well.

You can even add a few little extra calorie burners - just to make your favorite pastime a little more of a workout. Every time you put your tee in the ground, bend at the knees to make it a squat. While the other person is teeing off, try swinging your club in your non-dominant hand to even out your back and shoulder toning.

It's possible to make all your hobbies into opportunities to workout, but few are more opportunistic than golf. The sunshine, the great outdoors, the green grass - it's all inspiring enough to make you want to get fit and firm while working on your handicap!

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