Weight Loss Medication

Medications used for weight loss vary from those that are prescription to those that can be purchased over the counter without a perscription from a physician.

Two types of prescription drugs are Xenical and Meridia. Xenical prevent absorption of fat into the body. This process usually occurs in the intestines, with Xenical preventing this absorption and the fat, instead of being processed through the digestion that occurs in the intestine, is eliminated through the body's natural elimination processes.Ingesting prescribed doses of meridian alters brain waves and creates a feeling of fullness when taken. Studies have shown that persons taking Meridia have had added weight loss help by taking the drug. It has been found that weight loss drugs do not always work for persons taking them, and that certain weight loss drugs have side effects that are undesirable. Some weight loss drugs have been taken out of distribution due to side effects such as heart valve malfunction. It has also been found that persons reducing their weight with the help of weight loss drugs generally take those drugs for an unspecified amount of time.

Some over the counter weight loss medications are:

Chitosan is made from the shells of shellfish and shrimp. This weight loss product helps prevent the absorption of fat into the body, and aids in elimination of fat through natural elimination processes or the intestine.

Hydroxycitiric acid (Garcinia) is manufactured in part from a plant Garcinia cambogia. This medication supposedly blocks the production of sugars to fat. This medication is also said to increase certain brain chemicals to reduce appetite.

Pyruvate is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body that is said to burn fat as well as transport glucose to muscles. Weight lifting enthusiasts recommend Pyruvate combined with calcium so reduce fat by burning while lifting weights.

Many over the counter weight loss medications that have been studied by multiple researchers are frequently found to have no basis in weight loss by burning of fat or other means. These medications coupled with a strict nutritional diet and exercise may contribute to weight loss, but these medications by themselves have not been proven to be effective.

When considering any weight loss technique, it is important to consult a physician before attempting any treatment, especially in cases were medication or intense exercise is desired. Please consult a physician before attempting any weight loss regimen or program.

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