Pregnancy Diet

Diets during pregnancy are generally used to keep expectant mothers and their babies healthy. A healthy pregnancy diet consists of a balanced diet with an appropriate pregnancy diet plan containing nutrition based on whole grains, vegetables and fruits along with plenty of clean water is essential to the health of the mother and the appropriate development of the baby. Pregnancy exercise such as walking and other light cardio activies combined with a healthy diet during pregnancy help to ensure health and less stress of the mother which is always beneficial for a developing baby. However there are certain foods that an expecting mother can avoid to continue to ensure health of herself and baby.

While there is a necessity for fat in the diet, expecting mothers would benefit from cutting down on fat intake, and rely on natural resources such as vegetables and fruit for fat intake.

Artificial additives add chemicals into the diet that have not always been evaluated enough to suggest safety during pregnancy. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is to be avoided during pregnancy as it contains chemicals known to cause cancer and immunotoxicity.

Foods that are not pasteurized may contain bacteria called listeria. Listeria causes a small amount of deaths per year from infection and may cause miscarriage.

Some types of fish are not good for developing babies as they contain mercury. Also, some shellfish contain bacteria that may be harmful to developing babies as are some forms of sushi. PCBs are used in fish that are farmed and are also not good for pregnant mothers and their babies. Fish that may be eaten are trout, flounder, haddock and pacific salmon. Fish to be eaten in small amounts are tuna, whitefish, cod, and pollock.

Certain teas such as ginseng or green tea may stimulate contractions too early in expecting mothers.

Before any diet program or exercise plan is started, it is best to consult with a physician as to physical health and appropriate exercise for physical type and needs. Please consult with a doctor before attempting any dietary change or exercise plan.

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