Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is an internationally recognized weight loss program. Participants in the Jenny Craig diet plan may have weekly scheduled meetings in one of the Jenny Craig weight loss centers through out the United States. Some Jenny Craig plans cost as little as $36.00 weekly for 6 consecutive weeks, and benefits of the program include recipes, help planning menus, individual consultations, dieting tools, the benefit of weight loss centers and of at home weight loss, and online forums for discussion with other Jenny Craig participants.

Jenny Craig weight loss programs are very accommodating and individuals can participate without stopping by a Jenny Craig weight loss center. Telephone consultations maybe arranged to an individual's home, work place or wherever is convenient for them. Jenny Craig food may be delivered to a participant in the diet program at home as well for an additional cost of that over initial membership fees. This program is called JennyDirect, and there is also a community forum for those who prefer and must by necessity participate in Jenny Craig from home.

Jenny Craig's web site allows dieters to participate in a program called Myjenny. This program offers dieters extra benefits of the Jenny Craig program, such as newsletters, message boards, and other benefits.

Jenny Craig dieters usually participate in diets that are no less than 1200 calories per day. A Jenny Craig meal comes with supplements to ensure participants receive the required nutrients they need every day for optimum health.

Before attempting any type of diet or exercise plan it is important for individuals to consult with a physician. Please consult with your doctor before engaging in any method of weight loss or exercise.

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