Power Walking

Want to start a good workout plan, but don't have the stamina to do high endurance running and cardio training? Start with walking....power walking! It can burn a surprisingly high amount of calories, while toning muscles in your legs, butt, and back and arms, if you're working hard enough!

The key to getting in a good power walking routine that is going to really make a difference in your weight loss is dedication. You must be willing to walk for long enough to make a difference in your body, and walk consistently enough that you're going to see real results.

Consider starting a power walking routine that starts easy. Go 4 times a week for 40 minutes each day. When you feel like you're starting to get comfortable in that routine, add in extras to help you tone more and burn more calories. These can include incorporating hills in your routine, carrying light weights, taking long strides intermittently throughout your walk, or walking with high knees intermittently are all ways of making your walking workout more creative.

To avoid a plateau in your results, always find ways to keep your workout fresh, challenging, and full of hard work!

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