New Year's Resolutions

Face it: New Year's Resolutions don't work. They don't stick, and you usually end up feeling guilty when you inevitably end up failing just a few short weeks later. What New Year's resolutions are good for is helping you identify things you can be doing in your life and in your fitness and nutrition regimen that can be improved.

Instead of resolving to "lose weight" or "eat healthy", vow to make a life-long change in living your best life. Find ways to improve your diet without dieting. Find ways of incorporating healthy fitness habits without resolving to go to the gym X amount of times per week. Consider looking into hobbies that will help your goals as your "new thing" to do for the year. Dance classes, yoga classes, rock climbing, and racquetball are all fun and unique ways of working up a sweat.

You're not going to be able to sustain your resolution unless you have a plan of how to keep it permanent. Before you start resolving left and right, consider how to get your life in order and plan for long term commitment and success.

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