Party Sabotage!

Sure, eating healthy is easy. Until the minute you walk out the door to go to a party, have dinner with friends, go to your game night with all those delicious snack foods! Eating right isn't a problem until you are influenced by others. And no atmosphere is harder than the cocktail party. Between the calories in the cocktails and the never-ending circulation of deliciously impossible-to-turn-down snacks, the party is one of your biggest opportunities for diet failure.

There are a few tips we can share with you to help curb the calorie over-indulgence at parties:

  • Eat something before you go! Eat a medium sized salad, or your normal lean protein and vegetable combination. The meal will make you feel full and help you turn down the temptation to make all those snacks your dinner.
  • Try ONE of everything. The problem with passing appetizers is that you end up going back for two, three, four, five more. You don't want to deprive yourself from all the delicious things, but if you can resolve yourself to stick to only trying one, you'll be in pretty good shape by the end of the party.
  • Watch your drinks. Not only will this be better for your liver, but drinks are calorically dense. Stick to one or two, and sip slow. You'll enjoy your drink more, and will probably be able to drive your over-imbibing friends at the end of the night.

You don't want to have to avoid going to parties or out to dinner altogether. Stick to these tips during your partying, and you'll be able to stick with your successful weight loss regimen.

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