Easy on the Condiments!

People seem to love their dippers, drippers, dunkers, sunkers...well, you get the picture. People love to dip. And they love condiments. I mean, what are nuggets without the BBQ sauce? Wings without the blue cheese? French fries without...gasp...ketchup! Condiments are the extra little something that makes many great nibblers amazing.

But these condiments pack some calories...serious calories that can really ruin your whole diet. You may have already swapped the wings for the celery, but the blue cheese you're dipping it in is a real diet saboteur! Switched your normal bacon cheeseburger for a veggie burger? The ketchup you're dousing it in is going to add an extra several grams of unnecessary sugar! Gave up nuggets for tofu? Great, but the BBQ sauce you marinated it in is going to add some calories.

Marinate and dip your healthy choices in healthy condiments, like fat-free Italian dressing, or extra-virgin olive oil with a dash of balsamic vinegar. Creamy dips are definitely delicious, but oil-based condiments are too - and they're going to save you a ton of calories. Here's another hint - opt for dips, dressing, and condiments with the word "vinaigrette" in it. Vinegar has been shown to be a metabolism booster- kicking your metabolism up a notch just by ingesting it!

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