Weight Loss Support Groups

Weight Watchers is an organization that is recognized world wide. Weight Watchers offers a personal Weight Watcher diet plan, access to support by internet and meetings across the United States. Weight Watcher meetings last less than an hour and are pay as you go, with some meetings costing as low as $11.00, depending on the location and type of meeting. Each meeting has a private weigh in at the beginning so participants can track their progress. Weight Watchers is available on the World Wide Web and for a small fee an individual wanting to participate may join. There is a Weight Watcher menu, Weight Watcher meals, Weight Watcher cook book, and Weight Watcher magazine. Weight Watchers has recipes and suggestions for exercise and yoga, and free email newsletters.

Overeaters Anonymous is a free 12 step program that guides its participants through self disclosure and the traditions of the 12 step program format as well as additional philosophy, to aid individuals in their desire to stop eating dangerously. Overeaters Anonymous is not diet based. There are no nutritional guidelines or medical advice. The primary concern of OA is a person's willingness to abstain from overeating and to treat what is considered and psychological, spiritual and emotional difficulty. There are no fees, but members are encouraged to contribute a small amount at each meeting, and the purchase any literature offered at meetings. OA meetings are available throughout the United States and approximately 65 other countries, with OA providing internet access to information and literature for support and education purposes.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly or TOPS, is an organization that is non profit and acts as a support group for persons seeking to lose weight. Founded in 1948 by Esther Manz, TOPS has spread through the United States and other countries. Meetings are in person and consist of a private weigh in and evaluation of progress. The fee for becoming a member of TOPS is $24.00 yearly in the United States. The TOPS organization offers retreats, conventions, and literature, and the philosophy behind TOPS is guided by nutritionists, weight loss and educational paraphernalia, as well as testimony by those who have successfully lost weight and kept it off.

Any persons seeking to lose weight in any amount should consult a physician. Weight loss technique is a personal choice that should be made with educated opinion and a goal in mind. Please consult a physician before attempting any diet, program or weight loss technique.

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