Increase Your Fish!

One of the most relevant recent findings in nutrition and fitness is the realization that fish is one of the most important components of our diet. Fish is a lean protein that provides energy and lean muscle mass in a nutritionally dense yet calorically modest morsel full of vitamins and nutrients!

Fish does have significant amount of mercuries, so if you're pregnant or think you could be pregnant, fish may not be the best diet choice for you. However, the trace amounts of mercury that have been said to be found in fish like tuna and swordfish rarely have an impact on the health of the average person.

As if fish weren't great enough, fish has been proven to be brain food! Brain food, including pomegranates and blueberries and fish all have been show to increase neurological functioning and provide the basic components to myelin - a fatty sheath that surrounds our brain neurons, allowing impulses to travel faster.

The best way to get fish in your diet is try lots of different varieties in lots of different ways. Try salmon on the grill with some fresh dill, tuna in a sandwich with some delicious pickles, tilapia pan fried with a side of smashed cauliflower, or baked haddock with some wild rice and a fresh salad. Fish is as versatile as other proteins - as long as you're able to get creative with it!

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