Fat vs. Calories

Many people have heard a lot of conflicting information about dieting, healthy eating, and maintaining a slim healthy weight. As such, it's no wonder that people are still not sure whether they're supposed to be eating low fat or low calories!

The fact is, studies have shown that people live longer, healthier lives by reducing the overall number of calories they take in. Now, this is a precarious balance, as if you take in too few calories, your body will have trouble finding it's optimal metabolic rate. Too many calories, and you'll put on weight.

The interesting thing is your body actually needs fat, which makes all the low fat/no fat diet crazes confusing. The key is to fill your body with the good kinds of fat. Mono unsaturated fats, like the kinds found in nuts, seeds, avocados, certain fishes, and lean dairy, are all extremely good for you. These types of fats play a key role in nutrient absorption, and serve other important roles in your body, such as body warmth, and keeping you hair silky and shiny.

Like with everything, finding the balance is key. Caloric intake should approiximate your output, including what it takes for your body to sustain it's normal metabolic processes. Fat intake should be a small, but present portion of your daily nutritional intake.

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