Potential Dangers of Dieting

Dieting can be a beneficial endeavor for those who possess excess body fat. Reasons of health are usually the primary reasons for persons to attempt to lose weight. Counting calories and keeping a watchful eye on types of food eaten and their nutritional content is essential to healthy dieting.

There are many diets that offer rapid weight loss and satisfaction but who offer no real results in the long term. A person may lose weight rapidly, but without the proper nutrition the body reacts by losing weight but also storing fat simultaneously. This means that when the person finally ends the diet when the goal weight is met, the weight lost will be put back on and often times extra weight will be added onto that. This is because without properly feeding the body, the body does its best to take care of itself. This type of dieting and end result is called yo yo dieting. Popular fad diets contribute to yo yo dieting problems.

Types of fad diets are those that exclude entire food groups, new fad diets that promise results without offering any scientific data or research or medical theory to back up their statements, diets that promise large amounts of weight to be dropped in short amounts of time, and diets that are not sound in nutrition and ignore the dangers of malnutrition.

Diets that work with the individual, promote exercise and nutrition by eating all of the major food groups in reasonable moderation and that offer support in the form or helpful suggestions and literature are diets that have a chance of helping those who choose to use their methods.

Before endeavoring to lose weight or to participate in an exercise program, it is best to consult a physician for analysis of physical condition and proper planning for weight loss. Please consult a physician before attempting any weight loss or exercise plan routine.

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