Human beings are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant and animal foods. The general nutrition within a typical person's diet should be a variation of nutrients providing the body with a standard amount of vitamins and other essential proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Nutrition guides tell us that the body, without these nutrients, fails to function properly and may suffer the serious long term consequences of vitamin deficiency or, in serious cases, malnutrition. Child nutrition is especially imperative in cases of long term affects of lack of food nutrition the nutrition education of those who care for children.

Nutrition information as devised by dietary experts emphasizes that for adequate diet and nutrition servings of grains, vegetables, fruits and meat that is lean are necessary. Fish is also recommended in amounts equal to those of the other food groups. It is recommended that levels of fats and salt be low and that foods of those types be eaten less frequently.

Nutrition data provides nutrition facts that enable nutrition pyramids to be built. Nutritionists that provide us with these pyramid food nutrition facts suggest at least 3 ounces of whole grain daily. That means no grain that has been altered by bleaching or processes compromising the wholeness of grain. Grains in their whole for provide dietary fiber and B vitamins. Nutrition data also suggests that vegetables that are dark green or orange are good for the body as are beans. Meat is deemphasized on the nutrition scale, and when meat is eaten it should be eaten in leaner form and small in portion relative to other portions of the meal while still providing protein to the body.

Milk and dairy are suggested for adequate sources of calcium for the body.

Fruits are natural sources of vitamins such as Vitamin C. Adequate portions of fruits are needed by the body to prevent diseases, especially in children.

Adequate amounts of clean water are also necessary to help the body hydrate and to flush and cleanse itself of the toxic waste build up. Water aides in the digestion of food as well as being what the body is mostly comprised of. Clean water is essential for carrying nutrients to cells, regulating body temperature and water in the body acts as a cushion type substance to organs within the body as well as the spinal cord.

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