Starting a Fitness Regimen

Hundreds of years ago, there was no need to schedule an hour a day to workout. People just moved all day, every day, and if they didn't, they probably didn't eat or have shelter. Unfortunately, our technologically advanced society has taken away most of this need to move, and as such, millions and millions of people are stuck behind a desk most of the day, and need to fit in an hour to move their bodies. Even if you're not stuck behind a desk, if you're interested in losing weight, the only way to do it is to create a deficit between calories exerted and calories consumed. In other words, you can't lose weight unless you're working out!

The best way to jumpstart your new plan is to consult a personal trainer. Many gyms and YMCA's offer a limited number of personal training sessions at no charge upon joining. If you're already a member, or want to extend your free offer, it would be well worth the money. Even if your personal training is only temporary, he or she will provide you with incredibly effective exercises and training tips that you can carry on to when you'll be exercising on your own.

It's also important to remember to stay committed. Some of the best fitness experts in the world contend that weight loss cannot sustain without consistency. You must pledge to consistently find time to work out at least 4 days a week, and be active in some way on the remaining 3 days. Just because it's not a gym day doesn't mean you can't take your dog for a walk, park a little further, or take the stairs. And on the days you're at the gym, be there wholly, be present and engaged, and maximize every minute.

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