If you're a food-indulger, you may be familiar with celery as that green thing on the side of buffalo wings that taste so good with blue cheese dressing. If you're a serial dieter, you probably know celery as the thing you snack on all afternoon to keep yourself feeling hungry while taking in very few calories. But celery is so much more wonderful and versatile than it's been given credit for!

Celery is popular among dieters because it provides very low-calorie fiber that keeps you feeling full. A snappy crunch and fresh, hydrating taste make it appealing. However, it's probably it's versatility that has most people embracing celery in highly creative ways.

Celery with peanut butter is a classic favorite among children and adults alike, and the low calorie fiber-ful bulk of celery plays a nice opposition against the sweet, creamy, protein-packed peanut butter. You can also pair celery with some low-fat cream cheese with raisins on top for a diversely tasting, yet delicious snack. Better yet, spread in a low fat dairy spread with some craisins for an even more unique take on celery. For the ultimate low-calorie snack, try dipping some celery sticks in hummus, which a high-protein, high fiber chickpea based dip that is almost as low-calorie as the celery itself!

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