Calorie Counter

Calorie counters supply the caloric information contained in certain foods. Persons who are conscious of how many calories they consume daily may place the name of each of the foods and the appropriate serving size (quantity or unit) into the calorie counter and add up the caloric content for all foods consumed that day. Many food calorie counters also provide fast food calorie counters. These are beneficial for those persons who may have to eat out cheaply and frequently but who still have a desire to watch their caloric intake.

Some food calorie counters also provide information as to how many calories are burned when exercising. Individuals wanting to know how many calories they have burned will plug their weight into the database, the type of activity used for exercise, and the duration of time the person was engaged in the activity. Electronic calorie counters may be worn on the wrist or held as a means to accurately identify how many calories have been burned, or even how many steps a person has taken during a workout. These handheld calorie counters are priced in the general vicinity of $85.00 to $125.00.

Online Calorie counter sites may offer dieting profiles. By plugging one's height weight and age into the appropriate slots, the BMI (Body Mass Index) will appear, telling them where on the continuum they are concerning their body fat content. Some of the best online calorie counters will suggest fitness plans, calorie counting charts, diet plans, recipes, newsletters, advice on how to stay fit when working in the corporate world, how to stay fit when one has children who are young and much more insightful information, for a small monthly fee or for free.

Before considering any weight loss program it is best to consult a physician for information. Please consult with your physician before attemtping any weight loss diet or technique.

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