Tennis is the perfect workout!

Ask Pete Sampras, and he'll tell you something he has known for years: tennis is the perfect workout! What other activity can you do that is full of cardio, tones your arms and legs, has a competitive component, and is played with a partner out under the sun? Tennis packs a little of everything that makes sports and fitness fun, and just one hour of tennis can burn as many as 800 calories!

Tennis is often a better option for a sporting-centric workout regime, as you don't need tons of expensive equipment. A pair of sneakers, an inexpensive racket, and a few balls is all you need to get your game on! As you get better, you may choose to expand on your hobby, and look into better rackets, join a league, or take lessons. But if you're just looking for a fun way to burn a few calories with a friend, tennis is inexpensive, fun, and a great workout!

Most of the time, you don't even need to pay for access to a court! Many community parks, school districts, and colleges have courts that they're perfectly happy to allow the community use, as long as they're not in use by students. An added bonus with many courts on school campuses is that they're often under high-intensity lighting systems, so if you can't get out of work before dark, but still want to make a few games of tennis your workout for the day, you still have the opportunity to grab your racket and go!

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