Careers in Nutrition

Careers working in nutritional health and as dietary aids are available to all those persons interested. The work entails knowledge and planning of nutritional programs as well as some supervisory duties of overseeing the preparation of meals.

Dieticians and nutritionists provide adequate and educated nutritional information and services for persons in institutions such as hospitals, schools and jails. They are knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and exercise, and frequently manage the daily nutrition of persons who are overweight, have illnesses such as diabetes, and educate persons of lower income in health clinics. There are many dieticians who have their own practices, consulting with doctors and community services for educational and health related services.

Most states require education and certificate or a license to work as a dietician or nutritionist. There are associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in nutrition available.

Dieticians may earn up to approximately $50,000.00 yearly depending on the type of degree and in what capacity they work in the food service field.

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