Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet has been circulating since the mid 1940's. This diet is not in any shape or form associated with the real Mayo Clinic, nor is it endorsed by them. The name is a misnomer and, as a diet plan, has shifted view points over the years, and at no point has had any real nutritional value. It usually takes the form of a high protein, high fat, high cholesterol diet regime that lasts, on average, 7 days. This diet boasts quick weight loss, but has no real nutritional value and may pose a risk to health if continued past the usual 7 days.

The theory behind the new Mayo Clinic Diet is that fat and meat are used to stop hunger. Eating fat until the stomach feels like it has been filled with a full meal is the main objective of this diet. Also, The Mayo Clinic Diet purports that eating grapefruit is a way to burn fat, and that eating large amounts of meat and foods that are fried is in fact a good way to lose weight. None of these theories are sound as far as health, weight loss, or nutrition is concerned. If an individual participates in the Mayo Clinic Diet, he or she may lose weight due to the fact that other food groups, aside from the fatty kind, have been excluded.

Before considering any diet plan or method of exercise it is important to consult a physician. Please consult with your physician before attemtping any diet or exercise program.

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